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Does it pay?


Most reputable Removal businesses have some insurance. You will find their trucks are fully covered, they will also have public liability or transit insurance cover, giving you peace of mind.


Professionals in the industry, pride themselves in moving your goods as carefully as possible, but things can happen. Take a good look at the value of your possessions - it pays to have insurance!


It's a good idea to do an Inventory of your goods to determine just how much furniture you have. You can then pass this on to your removalist. This should give them enough information to give you an honest and fair quote!


And don’t forget your Moving Checklist!


Some important tips


Please Note: Professional removalists, refuse to transport any and all items they feel fit into the “dangerous goods” category. Please contact The Relocators at anytime for more information. 

Prohibited or dangerous goods that cannot be transported by removalists are: Fuels, fertilisers, acids, ammunitions, paints, aerosol cans, gas bottles, corrosives and/or flammable liquids. These will NOT be carried by The Relocators as it would invalidate our insurance policies.

Under no circumstances should you dispose of these items in waterways and/or drainage systems.


All lawn mowers, wiper snipers, etc. should be emptied of any fuels or gases well before transportation.


Gas bottles will not be transported, we suggest giving the gas bottle away or transporting yourself.


Scuba tanks can only be carried when certified empty.


The Relocators are fully insured with Sirius and can provide our Certificates of Insurance upon request.



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