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Welcome to The Relocators

We decided we should get up to speed and start blogging about our experiences in the Moving Industry. Every move is unique. And like any business, we have good days....and bad!

These days are determined by a number of things - clients - access - weather etc.

We try to start and finish each move with a can do attitude, believing in providing a wonderful moving experience for all involved.

We are never late to a move and we have never let anyone down by not turning up. A number of our clients tell us stories about removalists who either cancel last minute or just don't turn up at all!

Our team will go out of their way to ensure our clients needs are met. We often play decorator, moving furniture around to suit their new environment. We'll dismantle furniture and then assemble it again onsite. Although we are fully insured, we have not had any major damage claims as our team are very 'Careful'. We look after your belongings like they were our own!

Being able to offer 'Hire Cartons' is a bonus to a lot of clients. People don't generally move every few months, so why would they want the expense of purchasing boxes. We'll drop them off and once we have moved you and you have unpacked, we'll collect them again.

We also offer a FREE Quote service for those that want a set price - an hourly rate charge is also an option. Couple all this with a pre-packing service, declutter or downsizing clearout, packing materials, rubbish runs, storage needs, office/warehouse relocations or just difficult access...we can do it all for you!

So if your local to the Sunshine Coast or moving into the area - give us a call on 0431MOVING (that's 0431 668464)

We would love to be of service to you :)

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