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You want people who are well trained, well paid and who will look after you and your treasured belongings? 

You want a team of professionals who know how to make your move run smoothly?


A professional removalist that has the knowledge and skills that will result in your move being completed in good time. Someone who will handle your goods with care and manage your move like clockwork. Sometimes choosing a company that charges higher rates can often end up being the cheaper alternative as they have the experience and know how a lot of ‘cheaper’ companies don’t.


If you do the move yourself, apart from the hiring of a truck or trailer, you need to consider not only the stress factor but the potential to damage furniture or property without the right equipment. Then there’s the possibility you may cause injury to yourself or family/friends that have come to help.




Removal companies that charge a higher price usually pay their staff higher wages than their competitors. These businesses will pay above award wages just to attract and retain the best and most experienced staff in their industry. This means you, the customer, have happy, enthusiastic workers that enjoy their job and are focussed on providing you with a professional service. This can really help relieve any stress on the day!


Research has shown that a large proportion of the higher priced companies have been operating for over five years. This shows they are proud of their name and that the investment of their time and effort into building their company into one with a good reputation, has been worth it. Most of these companies work on a repeat business or a referral basis, so they will go out of their way to make sure your experience with them is exceptional.


To improve at a task, you need hands on experience. So those with more practical experience will be far better at their jobs than those who are fresh into the industry. Their experience, can affect many things including; the estimated time it will take to load and unload the truck, the best way to move particular items safely, the ability to manoeuvre difficult items and how to properly wrap, pack and store certain items ready for transportation and so much more.


Lots can go wrong on the day of your move! You want people who have the experience to deal with any problem and make your day a little less stressful!


Professional removal companies ensure that they only use the best possible equipment, making certain that your move is completed in a professional, efficient manner and with minimal of hassles. Their equipment varies from the type of wrapping blankets and tie downs used, right through to the different trolleys, tailgate lifters or trucks.


A fully operational fleet with clean and reliable trucks is a huge plus. Modern, well maintained vehicles are much more reliable, so the chance of any surprises or delays when it comes to the day of your move, are less likely to occur. 


Businesses invest a lot to keep their tools and equipment up to scratch and in good working order. This ensures that your items are safe whilst in transit to your new address.




So moving day is looming nearer. Do you pack yourself or get someone in to do it. When you work all week and come home at the end of the day, the last think you want to be doing…is packing! So, is it worth the cost? What other things could you be doing? Will you pack it right, so nothing breaks? How long will it take you?

A professional removal company have the experience to pack it right. They use the right materials to ensure everything is kept safe! They can have you ready to move in no time! 

If you have a busy schedule, family commitments or just better things to do, getting a professional to pack for you is worth the cost!

Check out our Reference Guide for packing cartons and bags and our Inventory Calculater or Checklist.




Moving house can be a stressful time. The importance of your belongings: whether it’s your home or office is not something you want to have to spend the time, energy or money having to replace or repair. Professional relocators have a way of making their job look easy, but that’s because they’re good at it, not because it isn’t hard.

You may think it’s cheaper to move yourself, but let’s take into account some of the costs you might not have considered. Let’s say it’s a reasonably large job and you are going to have to hire a truck or a trailer. Have you ever driven a truck or a trailer? It can be daunting to manoeuvre through some streets, let alone into your driveway. You should also consider how much some of your furniture weighs and whether you can manage to get things through the front doorway (how do they do it so easily - because they have the experience). And if you do decide to do it yourself, how many friends/family will be willing to give up their weekend to help you!

Did you think about how much your body will ache at the end of it? When you’re moving something that weighs more than you do, through those tight spaces you could injure yourself. And do you have the right equipment? Sometimes things happen and there’s not a lot you can do about it. Have you consider the risk of having time off work if it does?


Anyway, let’s say you do get a whole group of friends/family willing to give up their weekend to help you. You hire and drive the truck and you move all your furniture from the old house, into the new. Do you really want to? Do you really want to spend your weekend doing a hard, backbreaking and ultimately thankless job? I’m sure you could find plenty of other things you’d rather be doing on your weekend. There are a lot of things to consider - are you moving from an apartment to a house, or vice versa, will there be stairs and how far is the old place from the new place? Long distance and interstate moves create a whole new series of challenges and potential problems. And what about moving those heavy pieces like the piano, pool table or spa. Ohhh…I can feel the pain already!!!



Experienced professional movers deserve what they charge! Moving is no fun and it’s not easy, but it’s something most of us will have to experience many times over in our lives. Whether it’s interstate or just around the corner, getting professional help is always going to make life dramatically easier and well worth the cost!


Download our Moving Checklist and Contact The Relocators today – and we will help make your move a little less stressful!





I Think You Need A Truck.jpg
Truck Packing 2.jpg


Overloading your vehicle (like the one on the left) could not only result in a fine, it could cause a horrific accident!

Can you imagine how long it took for them to stack that and get it balancing...just right!

Having a professional move you, is certainly a lot safer for one thing and the chance of having something 'fall off the truck' - is extremely unlikely!

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